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Search is a hot topic in the Internet, and the current generation of search engines is finding new ways to scour the Net for images, multimedia, news and, of course, web sites. Search engines are now helping us find the nearest (and best) restaurants, driving directions to many places, book reviews and showtimes for current movies, and the latest forums for almost every topic under the sun in the web.

Search engines make it easy to find information online on any subject. This web site goes beyond the famous four search engines - Google, Yahoo, Live Search, and Ask, and provides links and reviews about other less well known search engines and directories. These directories are also options for searching many subjects and can be considered true website catalogs.

For searching international markets, here you can find local regional search engines and directories selected by geographical areas and by topics. Site navigation and usability have been made easy with active links at the bottom of most pages, content menus on the left hand side column of main pages, and useful links to country search engines, regional directories, and local country information sources.

Another search resource is the IWS Search Engine:

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